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Institutional subscriptions FAQs

Last updated: 9th August 2007

  1. My institution has an online subscription to a BMJ Journal, but I'm not able to see the full text of articles. I'm prompted for a username and password. Why is this happening?
    When this happens, the IP address for your machine is not being recognized by our servers. This failure is caused by one of three things:
    • Your institutional subscription has not yet been activated.
    • The person who "activated" the online subscription did not provide us with all the IP addresses that cover your institution(s).
    • The person who "activated" the online subscription does not realize that some subnets of your institution are routed through a proxy server.
    What should I do?
    • Talk to your librarian, and let them know you are having trouble.
    • Send us Feedback so we can begin to diagnose the problem.


  2. Who from my institution can access the journal?
    The subscription fee allows for unrestricted internet access. Any user connecting from an authorized computer on your institutional network will be allowed access to the journal. For remote access and more information please see our institutional single site licence.

  3. What is an Institution?
    For the most part, an institutional subscription authorizes use at a localized site. A "site" is an organizational unit, and may be academic or non-academic. For organizations located in more than one city, each city office is considered a different site. For organizations within the same city that are administered independently, each office is considered a different site. Pricing for institutional subscriptions is based on the number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents):
    • academic institutions: total number of medical faculty (academic staff and students) and researchers.
    • hospitals: total number of clinicians (excluding nurses), pharmacists and researchers.
    • corporate institutions: total number of researchers and medical information staff.
    • government institutions, regulatory agencies, medical societies and all others: total number of professionally qualified staff.

  4. How will this work?
    When someone attempts to use one of our sites, our server checks to see if the requesting computer is within the list of internet IP addresses provided by a subscribing institution. If it is, the reader will be able to use all those services enabled for institutional subscribers. For institutions who access via Eduserv's Athens or use institutional user names and passwords to access our sites, these can be provided to you by your subscription administrator.
    If readers want to access our sites from computers that are not part of your institutional network (e.g., through dial-in or telnet through a commercial internet service provider) they can do so only using an institutional username and password.

  5. Can my institution subscribe only to the electronic version?
    Yes, please see our subscription prices

  6. If our subscription expires and at some later date we reinstate our subscription, will we have access to all years of the electronic version?
    Yes, when you buy a subscription you have access to all years in the database. We are also able to offer perpetual access for our institutional customers.

  7. How can I access the sites if I don't have access through an institutional subscription?
    You may purchase any of the online journals as a personal subscriber. Without a subscription you still have access to the Table of Contents, abstracts, and full header searching (but not full text viewing) at no cost and without having to register. With registration you can sign up to receive email alerts and use our Folders service. To find out more have a look at our Users' guide (PDF 1.5MB)
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