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22 October 2013

Time to bust the myth of saturated fats role in heart disease, says cardiologist

Weight-loss surgery more effective than diet and exercise for obese patients

Should athletes be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs?

21 October 2013

Moderate to vigorous exercise boosts teens' academic performance

Use of booze and drugs common among truck drivers on the road 

17 October 2013

Stoma care "failing patients and the NHS" 

Senior doctor raises concern over advertising of some prescription drugs in the US

16 October 2013

Clare Gerada: Future leader of the NHS?

Cognitive skills of kids born to teen mums don't lag behind those of other kids

New cases of autism in UK have levelled off after five-fold surge during 1990s 

15 October 2013

Researchers estimate one in 2,000 people in the UK carry variant CJD protein

Moderate to severe psoriasis linked to chronic kidney disease, say experts

Poorest areas of England will lose out under proposed new NHS funding formula, warn experts

BMJ journal editors will no longer consider research funded by the tobacco industry 

8 October 2013

Researchers find link between aircraft noise and heart disease

Fear of missing bowel cancer may be exposing patients to unnecessary risk, say experts 

7 October 2013 

Death rates higher among middle aged and elderly when economy is booming

Just five in every 1000 NHS doctors prompt performance concerns each year 

2 October 2013

Coming soon - New Doctor's Toolbag Web App

1 October 2013

Exercise "potentially as effective" as many drugs for common diseases

Low and high body mass index linked to increased risk of heart disease among Asians 

30 September 2013

International "war" on illegal drugs is failing to curb supply

Plentiful mid-life stress linked to heightened risk of dementia in later life

Autistic kids have poorer sleep quality than their peers right up to their teens 

26 September 2013

Study raises questions over discrimination in GP exam

24 September 2013

Should we carry out mental health check screening on schoolchildren?

Should hospitals offer all patients private rooms?

Experts questions benefits of blocked artery treatment 

23 September 2013

Develop after-sex contraceptive pill for routine use, urge researchers

Hospital trusts fall short of recommended standards on post mortem consent

19 September 2013

BMJ signs cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabian government to improve healthcare across region

18 September 2013

Wide variation in UK sleep disorders services which doesn't match need

Information sharing on violence saves millions in health, criminal justice and social costs

More than 40 million episodes of poor care in hospitals every year worldwide 

17 September 2013

2008 economic crisis could be to blame for thousands of excess suicides worldwide

Homeopathy movement "neither helpful nor humanitarian" suggests senior researcher 

12 September 2013

Antibiotic reduction can be achieved through low cost information campaigns, find researchers

Just how harmful are energy drinks mixed with alcohol? 

10 September 2013

Screening for minor memory changes will wrongly label many with dementia, warn experts

Commercial baby foods don't meet infants' weaning needs

Spirit of NHS is willing, but flesh is often weak, finds largest ever study of culture and behaviour 

4 September 2013

Back of pack health warnings make little impact on teen smokers

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections linked to pregnancy complications

Neurology and crime fiction share similar sleuthing techniques 

29 August 2013

Researchers find link between blueberries, grapes and apples and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

28 August 2013

BMJ podcasts now on Soundcloud

New direction for Heart as award winning US woman editor takes the helm 

27 August 2013

Zealous imaging is fuelling unnecessary and harmful treatment of low risk thyroid cancers, warn experts

22 August 2013

Senior doctors questions US regulator's decision to approve two diet drugs

21 August 2013

Half of all UK 7 year olds sedentary for six to seven hours every day and not exercising for recommended minimum

Flu jab may halve heart attack risk in middle aged with narrow arteries 

BMJ announces new open access respiratory medicine title

20 August 2013

English stop smoking services have helped 20,000 to quit, but much variation exists

"Why I blew the whistle on government's disability assessments", from former Navy doctor

Consultant calls for more to be done about lack of ethnic minorities on donor register list

13 August 2013

Children of obese mothers at greater risk of early heart death as adults 

12 August 2013

Regular weekly portion of fatty fish can halve rheumatoid arthritis risk

Industry responsible for big chunk of tobacco price hikes in Britain

Every football pitch in the world should adopt FIFA emergency medical care standard

8 August 2013

Narrower range of helpful bacteria in guts of C-Section infants

Rheumatoid arthritus heightens risk of dangerous leg and lung blood clots 

Truth behind thousands of "needless" deaths at NHS trusts

7 August 2013

First probable person to person transmission of new bird flu virus in China

Telephone coaching does not reduce hospital use and related costs 

6 August 2013

BMJ announces key appointment in US 

1 August 2013 

Plain tobacco packaging: the "next logical step"?

Chain of survival for out of hospital cardiac arrests must be improved, say cardiology experts




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