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Author permissions

The authors of articles published by BMJ Group, do not usually need to seek permission for re-use of their material as long as the journal is credited with initial publication. For further information about the terms of re-use for authors please see details below of how authors are entitled to re-use their own content:

  • Making a reasonable number of copies for personal or non-commercial professional use. This includes the contributors own teaching purposes.
  • Including part or all of an article in an author’s own dissertation or thesis.
  • Republishing part or all of the article in a book or other publication edited by the author (except for multiple contributions in the same book or publication, for which permission need to be sought).
  • Using individual figures or tables or extracts of text (up to 250 words) in other publications published by a third party.
  • Using the article in a course pack or compilation (whether paper of electronic) in the authors’ institution. This does not apply if a commercial charge is made for the compilation or training programme.
  • For non “Author pays” (Open Access articles), the right to post the accepted manuscript (non final published version) and final published abstract on the contributor’s own and/or his/her institution’s website 6 months after the print publication date or if not published in print, from being published online. Also for defined “Research Funded Articles” (as set out on the manuscript submission website) the accepted manuscript may be put up by the contributing author on PubMed Central and their mirror sites 12 months after publication by the BMJ Group (or earlier if indicated on the manuscript submission website). All must include acknowledgement.
  • For Open Access articles, the complete final published version may be posted on the contributor’ own and/or his/her institution’s website immediately on publication, whether online as publish ahead of print (Online first) or in print.

More information can be found in our FAQ's regarding permissions. For more information on author rights please look at the journal specific licence forms:


If you need permission please use our online permissions system.

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