Usage statistics

All institutions can request usage statistics for their subscription. BMJ Journal subscription administrators have access to their usage statistics, which allow you to record and monitor all direct access from your institution.

For more information on obtaining usage statistics reports and help using the reports please contact Customer Services.

BMJ Journals usage

Our BMJ Journal usage statistics reports are COUNTER compliant.

Single and multiple journal usage reports are available

  • Institutional administrators can retrieve statistic reports for multiple journals at the same time.
  • Users that have multiple accounts (customer numbers) with us will still need to login to each of their accounts to view the statistics for the journals associated with each account.
  • To view your reports you will need to be logged in as an institutional administrator, using your administrator's username and password
  • Subscriptions I administer
  • Direct link to usage reports
  • Subscriptions administered at my institution

Multiple journal usage via the HighWire Portal

  • Subscribers to multiple journals can access usage statistics for all their journals in just one report. To make use of this benefit, please complete a one-off 4-step registration with the HighWire Portal.

BMJ Evidence Centre and BMJ Learning usage

Usage reports are available for Clinical Evidence, Best Practice and BMJ Learning.  Please contact our Customer Services team for further information on obtaining usage reports and assistance in using the reports.