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Let us help you raise awareness of your BMJ Group subscription

We recognise that one of the biggest hurdles our customers are faced with once they have acquired a new resource is raising awareness to the end users throughout their institution.

To help you, we have developed a range of useful training tools. These include user guides, newsletters, leaflets, pre-written emails and posters, which, if used, will ensure your end users soon gain an understanding of the various products and services serving your institution.

If you require any further assistance - please contact our Product Marketing Manager Camille Kelly who will be happy to help you.

Select the relevant products below to find current promotional materials available:


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Clinical Evidence




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Best Practice from BMJ Evidence Centre


User guides

Brochures and posters

Best Practice Case Studies

Clinical Evidence from BMJ Evidence Centre


User guide

Brochure and Poster


BMJ Journals

User guide

Brochure, poster and leaflet

BMJ Case Reports


Leaflet, posters and user guide

BMJ Learning

User guides, leaflets and posters

Recommended online learning modules



User guide

Leaflet and poster