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Building evidence into practice

Time is the greatest challenge to delivering evidence-based health care; the task of keeping up with emerging guidelines and research can be overwhelming.

The BMJ Evidence Centre supports healthcare practitioners and institutions by providing trustworthy information, in formats that recognise the demands and limitations of everyday clinical life.

Information that fits

Our resources create and package knowledge to fit real clinical workflows. Whether it’s to support diagnosis and treatment at the point of care, or as a reference resource to consult during further study, we provide quick, accurate answers to clinical questions.

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Flexible delivery of authoritative information

We have the experience and flexibility to help you to communicate evidence-based information to your target audience. Or, you can license our expertise and we’ll provide you with the specific evidence you need to support your decisions.

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A range of tools and services to help you harness the power of evidence

The BMJ Evidence Centre’s clinical information specialists find, filter, appraise and summarise the best available research evidence. This is synthesised with expert opinion and guidelines to deliver practical, innovative tools and services that acknowledge the different needs of students, researchers, clinicians and patients.

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BMJ Evidence Centre in the news

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