With the expansion of the Internet, patients are increasingly accessing online resources to research their symptoms, conditions and treatments.  But how credible is this online material?

Best Health provides patients with quick and easy access to evidence-driven information, giving them valuable insight on their condition and reassurance on the treatment options and outcomes. 

New from Best Health in January 2010: Updated information about H1N1 ‘swine flu’, answering key questions about the condition and its treatment. Click here for our guide.

Information is presented in a language that everyone can understand. We have translated clinical research evidence and expert opinion into plain English so patients can make informed decisions in partnership with their doctor, and involve their families or carers in critical decisions about their treatment plan.

We can arrange a free 30-day trial for organisations interested in purchasing a site license. Personal subscriptions are available from just £3 a month (for a single condition). Use the links below to find out more.

Best Health

Best Health at a glance

  • In-depth information on the causes and symptoms of more than 190 common chronic and acute conditions
  • 190 plain-language patient information leaflets that they can print off
  • The benefits and side effects of more than 1,500 treatments
  • The risks and benefits of 22 common operations and procedures
  • Decision-support guidelines to help patients assess their options
  • Search tips to help them navigate to the right information
  • Regular updates and news analysis - evaluating the evidence behind the news headlines
  • Patient information videos demonstrating evidence-based information relating to a number of common conditions


 is-logo.gifBest Health is a founder member of the Information Standard, a national certification scheme set up to help people find quality information you can trust. Organisations taking part in the scheme must meet rigorous quality standards. To find out more, see www.theinformationstandard.org.

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