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Evidence based medicine consultancy services

Robust and reliable evidence is one of the main drivers for continual improvement in healthcare services. It helps to ensure quality and consistency of care, and can contribute to containment of costs.

But you can't always match the available evidence to your specific context. You need the best available evidence tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Addressing your needs

The BMJ Evidence Centre has the experience and flexibility to help you to communicate evidence-based information to your target audience.  Our evidence services can be shaped to reflect your context and to fit around your staff’s needs. Or, you can license our expertise and we’ll provide you with the specific evidence you need to support your decisions.

We use our high-quality, rigorous and transparent validation process to inform our services including:

  • High-quality accounts of the clinical evidence
  • Application of the evidence in context
  • Evidence surveillance and alerting services
  • Development of evidence-based performance indicators
  • Evidence to inform service redesign strategies
  • Evidence to substantiate commissioning strategies
  • Evidence masterclasses and training programmes
  • Evidence to inform guidelines development
  • Communication of clinical evidence to health professionals and the public
  • Health technology assessments and systematic reviews.

Get in touch

Contact us to find out more about how our consultancy services could support you.