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Best Practice systems integration

Your electronic health record system (EHR) already helps clinicians to deliver consistent patient care. What if it could also deliver embedded evidence-based information, expert opinion and guidelines to further support their decision-making?

Introducing the Best Practice systems integration programme

Research shows that clinicians with an identified knowledge gap are frequently left unable to fulfil that information need, because they cannot access the knowledge that they seek within the clinical workflow.

Integrating content from Best Practice – a decision-support resource from the BMJ Evidence Centre – right into the heart of your electronic health system can remove such barriers. Delivering relevant guidance to clinicians through the EHR can improve clinical quality by helping to keep clinicians’ practice current and providing them with the ability to validate their actions against a continuously updated source of knowledge.

We offer a variety of integration options to suit your EHR system, from single sign-on access and search tools that can be embedded into clinical portals or the EHR itself, to support for navigation to conditions through medical terminology lookups using ICD10, ICD9, SNOMED CT, ReadV2, CTv3 and ICPC2.

In cases where EHR users might need active, unprompted guidance, our Best Practice integration API can deliver decision-support information within context of your EHR system. This API provides a flexible framework for searching and displaying specific information from Best Practice, with deep links to detailed monographs and evidence-based content, that can be easily extended and adapted to meet new clinical uses within your organisation.

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