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For vendors and partners

The improvement and standardisation of medical practice is a core goal of health care planning, commissioning and service design. It’s also the grass-roots outcome of applying evidence in a clinical setting.

Evidence-based medicine helps to ensure quality and consistency of care, and can contribute to containment of costs.

The BMJ Evidence Centre is a renowned global authority on evidence-based medicine. Our content can help you to communicate evidence-based information to your target audience. Or, you can license our expertise and we’ll provide you with the specific evidence you need to support your decisions.

Evidence consultancy: our custom evidence services can be shaped to reflect your context and to fit around your staff’s needs. We can carry out international evidence surveillance, provide thought-leadership, research and write commissioned papers on a range of topics, and provide training to familiarise your staff or customers with evidence-based medicine concepts and processes.

System integration: we partner with key application providers to place knowledge within the clinical pathway, for example by integrating our knowledge into electronic patient records or Action Sets.

Consumer information: Best Health and patient information leaflets provide patients and their carers with trustworthy, evidence-based information in plain English, to help people understand conditions and treatment choices.

For research: Clinical Evidence systematic reviews identify, appraise, grade, and summarise the very latest and most authoritative medical evidence. Free EvidenceUpdates deliver new and updated evidence and treatment options by email to ensure your staff are always up to date.