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For healthcare providers

Each day, hospital staff and students face a new set of clinical challenges. Keeping knowledge fresh is not easy, but it is critical to ensuring that best practice is effectively applied.

You can help by equipping your staff with the most intuitive, comprehensive decision-support materials and tools.

Supporting better medical practice

Our services shape clinical research into tools that provide end-to-end support for clinicians and their patients. We understand the risks inherent in health care, and can help you eliminate those that stem, needlessly, from lack of coherent or actionable information.

A range of tools and services to help mitigate against unnecessary risk

Point of care: Best Practice represents a breakthrough in point-of-care decision support. It provides quick and intuitive access to authoritative information that is structured around the clinical consultation. Action Sets help improve consistency and accuracy of patient management.

For research: Clinical Evidence systematic reviews identify, appraise, grade and summarise the very latest and most authoritative medical evidence.

Patient information: Best Health and patient information leaflets provide patients and their carers with trustworthy, evidence-based information in plain English, to help people understand conditions and treatment choices.

Evidence consultancy: our custom evidence services can be shaped to reflect your context and to fit around your staff’s needs.

Current awareness: free EvidenceUpdates deliver new and updated evidence and treatment options directly to your inbox to ensure you are always up to date.

System integration: as part of our system integration program we partner with key application providers to place knowledge within the clinical pathway. For example, we can integrate our knowledge into electronic patient records or Action Sets.