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For medical professionals

Time is the greatest challenge to delivering evidence-based health care; the task of keeping up with emerging guidelines and research can be overwhelming. Our role is to provide you with information you can trust, in a format that recognises the demands and limitations of everyday clinical life.

Information that fits

Our innovative clinical support resources create and package knowledge to fit your needs. Whether it’s to support diagnosis and treatment at the point of care, or as a reference resource to consult during further study, we can provide you with immediate, accurate answers to all your clinical questions.

A range of tools and services to help you harness the power of evidence

Click on the different workflow stages to see the services we offer in each area:

Point of care: Best Practice represents a breakthrough in point-of-care decision support. It provides quick and intuitive access to authoritative information that is structured around the clinical consultation. Action Sets help you ensure consistency and accuracy when managing important clinical situations.

For research: Clinical Evidence systematic reviews identify, appraise, grade and summarise the very latest and most authoritative medical evidence.

Patient information: Best Health and patient information leaflets provide patients and their carers with trustworthy, evidence-based information in plain English, to help people understand conditions and treatment choices.

Evidence consultancy: Our custom evidence services can be shaped to reflect your context and to fit around your needs.

Current awareness: free EvidenceUpdates deliver new and updated evidence and treatment options directly to your inbox to ensure you are always up to date.